Thematic COCOON Event: Interim Landfill Use

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10.00 tot uur
Griffioenlaan 2, 3526 LA Utrecht

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Interreg EU COCOON

Since the 1950s Europe has been disposing vast levels of waste in landfills. Estimates have revealed that 90% of Europe’s 500,000+ landfills are “non-sanitary” landfills, which predate the EU Landfill Directive and have limited environmental protection technologies.

The EC has acknowledged that a vision for managing Europe’s landfills is urgently required. Landfills are to be considered as dynamic stocks of resources (landfill gas, water, other) which can be integrated into the economy, while landfill management (LfM) supports reclaiming land and avoids astronomic remediation and aftercare costs. Although many EU regions are already implementing LfM, no targeted, specific European LfM legislation currently exists. Nor are existing Waste Management and Soil Protection policies integrated in an overarching circular economy framework.

COCOON: Progress until now

The project is one year on its way. What have we done so far? Every country has organised one or more stakeholder meetings and made an inventory of the state of policy and number of landfills (sanitary and non-sanitary) in each partner country (or region). What are their challenges, which opportunities are there for each region? This input will be used by the partners to then be translated into policy and or legislation.

COCOON partners from Malta, Cyprus, Spain, Germany and Belgium (with their local stakeholders) come to the Netherlands to share knowledge and explore challenges and opportunities for landfills together with their Dutch counterparts.


The day will be opened by Mr. Peter Frijns, Project Manager Landfills at Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management. He will state the importance of European cooperation and coordination on landfill management. This will be followed by introductions about the present state of the policy fields: Circular economics, sustainable land use and landfill management.

This session is devoted to answering this question: “How can these policy fields reinforce each other and contribute to interim landfill use?”

During in-depth sessions, all ideas and opportunities will be collected about the following themes: temporary storage, sustainable area development, mining for residential developments and accumulation of future values.

At the end of the day we will collect all ideas and make agreements on how to share knowledge and policy renewal for more sustainable landfill management going forward.




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